Taking on the Watchcap

A beautiful product

Upon first experience with the Cashmere Watchcap-- back when, Haleigh recognized this hat as having a quality so obvious that it seemed to have invented itself. It was straight-forwardly good, soft, and warm. This was our Nº 102, the cashmere watchcap. in 2004, Haleigh was a skier and a new mom living in Taos, NM when she heard that Mimi had turned off her phone and stopped knitting this great and useful hat. Golightly Cashmere was born out of admiration for this product and the hope to raise the standard of what a “fine piece of knitwear” is and can be. We design and make everything at Golightly Cashmere-- here in Santa Fe, NM.

The Joy of the Hat itself.

The joy of making something which provides warmth and comfort to another. The joy of giving joy to another. The joy that builds on itself winter after winter as you form and deepen your relationship with your watchcap. The joy in sharing something useful beautiful. The joy goes on and on.

Our Studio

Today, we are a medium-sized knitting studio where knitters make a full line of cashmere accessories and sweaters. We do a lot of hand-work: Stitching, linking, hand- manipulating. The work is meditative and challenging. We are interested in developing products which are highly luxurious and very useful. Color is one of our favorite parts of the day.

Quality Scottish Cashmere hand-loomed in the USA

Our Stores

130 Bent St.
Taos, NM 87571
Santa Fe
109 East Palace
Santa Fe, NM 87501
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