"The company is dedicated to service and the quality of workmanship and yarn is outstanding."
"I wear it all the time. I want another one, but can't decide what color!”"
"Like everything made by the good people at Golightly, this scarf is perfect. "

We have a passion for cashmere and a drive to make useful things.

The Golightly Guarantee
The Cashmere Watchcap
in 22 of your favorite colors
"Plush, sturdy, and soft. I am so pleased and delighted."
"This hat is indispensable and remarkably warm."
"I'd been searching for the perfect winter hat for over a decade."
"It's so soft and warm, other hats quickly become less appealing."
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The Cabled Armwarmers
Free your fingers.
The Cashmere Poncho
Perfect for cool fall nights
The Featherweight Watchcap
The ideal fall hat
The Wrap
The most generous of wraps
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