The story of Golightly's Mother

We mothers know that at that very moment when our children our born, everything changes forever. Almost instantly, the responsibility to ourselves and therefore our children becomes as clear as the vast, unmapped road ahead. I have often told people that Golightly Cashmere was founded at “round about 4:05pm in late May of 2004, the moment my son Rohnin was born.”

The Wrap

Lightweight for spring

The Desert Night Poncho

We create useful and necessary cashmere knits.

Our garments are made with a focus on longevity and the intention to use a product for life -- even handing it down from generation to generation. We know you will benefit from the softness. We know you will appreciate the quality, and we are proud to know that it will serve you forever.



Give $20, get $20
Introduce a friend to Golightly Cashmere, and they get $20 off. As soon as they order, you’ll get $20 towards your next favorite piece.