The Women's V Neck Sweater

Product image 1golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_cerulean_603CER_1000x1000
Product image 2golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_turqoise_603TUQ_1000x1000
Product image 3golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_versailles_603VER_1000x1000
Product image 4golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_stone_603STO_1000x1000
Product image 5golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_moondust_603MOO_1000x1000
Product image 6golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_elk_603ELK_1000x1000
Product image 7golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_buffalo_603BUF_1000x1000
Product image 8golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_black_603BLA_M2A7763_1000x1000
Product image 9golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_charcoal_603CHA_M2A7769_1000x1000
Product image 10golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_ink_603INK_M2A7759_1000x1000
Product image 11golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_dijon_603DIJ_1000x1000
Product image 12golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_lilac_603LIL_1000x1000
Product image 13golightly_cashmere_the_womens_v_neck_sweater_wine_603WIN_M2A7750_1000x1000

Regular price $280.00 USD

At last! Brand new this March 2018! Golightly's first-ever Women's V-neck. We anticipate this to be a classic and a very LIGHTWEIGHT, 2ply version of your closet's newest staple. For design inspiration, we scoured the best of the best design houses and set out to make something better. We think we did it. Made here in the USA in 12 stunning colors and 4 sizes. Looks good on all body types! A slimmer fit.
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