The Poncho

Product image 1The Poncho
Product image 2The Poncho
Product image 3The Poncho
Product image 4Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Fog |
Product image 5Golightly Cashmere Poncho | White Silver |
Product image 6Golightly Cashmere Poncho | White |
Product image 7The Poncho
Product image 8Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Lovebird | Made in the USA |
Product image 9Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Light Camel | Made in the USA |
Product image 10Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Eversogreen |
Product image 11Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Glacier |
Product image 12Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Turquoise |
Product image 13Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Moody Sky | Made in the USA |
Product image 14Cashmere PonchoGolightly Cashmere Poncho | Palmer |
Product image 15Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Ocean | Made in the USA |
Product image 16Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Tulum | Made in the USA |
Product image 17Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Cerulean |
Product image 18Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Navy | Made in the USA |
Product image 19Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Violet | Made in the USA |
Product image 20Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Lilac | Made in the USA |
Product image 21Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Uva | Made in the USA |
Product image 22Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Young Plum |
Product image 23Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Magenta |
Product image 24Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Geranium | Made in the USA |
Product image 25Golightly Cashmere Poncho | Fleur |
Product image 26The Poncho
Product image 27The Poncho
Product image 28The Poncho
Product image 29The Poncho
Product image 30The Poncho

Regular price $225.00 USD

Nº 575: You asked and Golightly listened. Announcing our new best seller: The Cashmere Poncho. This piece has been fussed over with a unique hand-manipulated, short-row technique in effort to cut off that long tail often seen with the mass-produced China-made ponchos. It is flattering; it has beautiful drape; even more: it comes in 52 stunning colors. Pair it with an infinity scarf, the look is a show-stopper. As always, 100% Knit in the USA!

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