The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt The Hip Skirt

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The Hip Skirt

$245.00 USD

The Hip Skirt is a cashmere skirt made to fit over your pants or leggings. Highly sexy, the hip skirt accentuates your assets. It is also extremely functional because your organs (most importantly, your kidneys) stay warm.  Here in Santa Fe and Taos, this item has been hugely popular.  The Hip Skirt is made to be worn everyday, washed as frequently or less than your best dark jeans.  They will felt slightly.  The Butt Skirt (the slang around here) will retain its shape and give way to contour on your body.  The sizing on these is thus: XS= 0/2, S=2/4, M=4/6, L=6/8, XL=8/10. When your skirt arrives, it may look tiny for your body.  It is meant to be this way.  It is knit horizontally, so it will stretch appropriately.  Another great look, as seen on our "505" is at the shoulders.  It is a very classy cowl as well, can be worn either way.  You should get one.  You will LOVE it!


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