Take Golightly Cashmere Skiing!

There are so many ways to use Golightly Cashmere, and one of our favorites is to take our cashmere to the ski slopes.  Many people these days are accustomed to using synthetic fibers for outdoor activities, but there was a time when those fabrics were not available.  What did people do?  They used natural fibers!  Cashmere remains a delightful and functional option.

Golightly Cashmere Goats

Cashmere is naturally moisture-wicking.  A cashmere goat grows its cashmere fibers only for the winter season, specifically for the purpose of keeping warm in frigid mountain temperatures and for wicking away the moisture from the snow.  Cashmere fibers are then harvested in the spring when the weather begins to warm and the goat naturally begins to molt.







Golightly Cashmere Neck Gaiter

One of the best items to take skiing is Golightly Cashmere's Neck Gaiter.  It's made of 6 ply Scottish cashmere yarn.  The Neck Gaiter is knitted with ribbed upper and lower edges so that it stays in place.  Snug the Neck Gaiter up over your nose, and it's not going anywhere.  A powder day can come on strong and the Golightly Cashmere Neck Gaiter will only get stronger.  Keep the snow out and the warmth in.  The Neck Gaiter can be tucked up under your helmet for extra blustery conditions.









Golightly Cashmere Women's Footsies

And when it's time for apres ski, make sure you pack along your Golightly Cashmere Women's Footsies or Men's Ankle Socks.  The perfect amount of comfort and warmth for those tired toes.  You'll never want to take them off!

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