Functional Fashion Is Our Middle Name

Functional fashion isn't what the competition is selling because, frankly, they don't have it.  We are outdoors enthusiasts living in the high desert mountains of New Mexico.  We don't have the option of non-function.  Our challenge is to find the fashion element because we'd like to maintain hip as often as possible.  If you've looked at gear companies that make clothing, you know that it's hard to find attractive styles while maintaining the crucial element of function.  When you shop Golightly Cashmere, you can rest assured that functional fashion is a part of our perfection process.

Golightly Cashmere Featherweight Watchcap Hat Beanie

The Featherweight Watchcap

We love this hat for its functional fashion.  We've dubbed it the "little brother" of the Cashmere Watchcap.  Why?  Because the Featherweight Watchcap is exactly half the weight of the original Watchcap.  It is a perfect hat of 3 ply Scottish cashmere made right here in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  We like this hat because it is the same shape, style and functionality of the original Watchcap, but it is lighter for those days we want to backpack 10 miles of wilderness in November.  You need a layer atop your head, but you don't need too much.  You'll especially need it when you stop to take a breath at 11,000 ft elevation.


Golightly Cashmere Infinity Scarf

The Infinity Scarf

So much versatility!  The Infinity Scarf is the literally the epitome of functional fashion.  Wear it long like a necklace.  Wear it doubled at the neck for soft cashmere warmth.  Wear it doubled and pull one layer up over your head like a hood for a chic look.  Wear it about your shoulders for a light layer in a chilly restaurant.  Wear it like a shrug around your shoulders - crossed at the back or not.  We like to let this one tag along on a hike to lightly drape it over a baseball cap providing sun protection for your neck and a light layer to keep the wind at bay.


Golightly Cashmere Poncho

The Poncho

The Poncho is an absolute favorite in our stores as well as on our website.  For two-tone options, see our Desert Night Poncho.  Wear it as you'd expect either with a point in the center or squared off.  You can also wear this one like a scarf by pulling up the back to rest around the back of your neck while allowing the rest of the fabric to drape at the front.  Perfect for when you throw your coat on.  Even wear it like a cape by pulling the fabric up in the front to let it drape in the back.  This is what we do when we need to get our hands dirty, but not the cashmere.  When it comes to functional fashion, this is the piece.  Roll it up neatly and tuck it in your carry-on for the perfect layer on the plane.

Functional Fashion

There's so much more to Golightly Cashmere than meets the eye.  We like our little secrets, but we also like when you discover something incredible on your own and let us know about it.  Feel free to drop us a line, send us a note, shoot us an email, or our very favorite - leave us a review on one of our products that you just can't live without!

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